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From here you can purchase both books from the R.E.S.C.U.E series at a discounted price!

The descriptions of each book are as follows:

Lucky Rocky:

Rocky is a sad rock-rat who believes life is just not fair. He doesn’t like the heat, the dust nor the rocks where he lives, and he doesn’t even like his own name, but after a world tour meeting his different rat cousins, Rocky realises just how lucky he really is.

Don’t Call Me Donkey!:

Dude thinks he is the coolest animal in the whole world, but with the help of his friends, Juliana Mole and Groovy Zebra, he gets to meet his cousin Donkey and discovers that it’s cool to be kind.

Olive’s Ocean:

Olive is a sea turtle who gets caught up in some plastic netting, but is helped to get free by her friends Doug Dugong and Hector Dolphin and together they take some plastic ducks back to the beach where children learn plastic doesn’t belong in the oceans.



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