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The R.E.S.C.U.E series was created to provide a unique and contemporary insight into the global issue of threatened animals that will engage, enthral, entertain and educate children of all nations.

Every story has a moral, a lesson that children will understand, presented in a way that also brings to life the plight of lesser-known threatened species in countries across the globe.

The animal characters have funny names, quirky looks and interesting habits, but each and every one is a real animal taken from the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, the definitive database of threatened species.

All the stories feature three main characters taken from the IUCN Red List. So for example, in Book One, Dude is a Critically Endangered Wild African Ass, Juliana is an Endangered Juliana’s Golden Mole and Groovy is an Endangered Grevy’s Zebra. All of these characters are brilliantly illustrated by Gareth Bowler.

To add to the educational content of the books, a brief biography of the featured animals is included together with a ‘Did you know…’ section that contains interesting facts about the animals. Given the lovable characters, lessons to be learned and the real-life factual content, the stories will appeal to children of all ages and nationalities but are principally aimed at 4 to 9-year-olds.

Please click on the cover page of each book to read a short synopsis of what that story is about.

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